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Timing the Market

Real estate is a cyclical business. And although we can predict certain annual upticks and downturns based on historical buying and selling patterns, we must rely on what’s happening right now to determine when is the best time to buy or sell a home.

One of the mistakes I see many buyers and sellers make is trying to time the market – waiting for the ‘right moment’ when they think they’ll get the best price. The truth is, timing the market is almost impossible because just when you think it’s the right moment, the market changes.

Here’s what I know for sure: when you team up with me, we will make decisions based on your individual needs, my experience, and knowledge of your local market.

It’s a combination that has helped many clients buy and sell a home. Let me know if you need to buy or sell a home, or know someone who does.

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5Jeff Dolgan

Ruben did an amazing job selling my home and was able to negotiate for the highest possible selling price. He was a true friend through the process and I couldn't possibly thank him for the expertise her provided during the process of selling my home. Call... (more)


Ruben helped us so much with our sale and purchase closed on my old house which we got top dollar for on Monday and closed on my new home that same Friday! Perfect timing, perfect service. A+ All Around!


Recomiendo a Ruben 100%, sabe su trabajo, te sabe guiar perfectamente y habla español, cualidad importante que estaba buscando.
Seguro seguire contando con sus servicios.
Recuerden, es mejor negociar con un comprador / vendedor con un reactor de por medio.

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